Basement excavation or excavating for a new house is an essential step in the new-build construction process. Here are the key steps involved in new-build excavation:
Design: Before any basement excavation work can begin, a designer creates a plan for the house and the site. This plan includes information such as the house's footprint, location of utilities, and the overall grading plan for the site. Holyoak X in Santaquin, UT offers designs for various projects including basement entrances but typically leaves home design to the architect.
Excavation: Once the design plan is complete, basement excavation can begin. This involves digging out the soil and rock to create the foundation and basement for the house. Heavy machinery such as excavators and bulldozers typically do all of this work along with some very skilled operators.
Staying On Grade: It's important to maintain the correct elevation or "grade" during excavation. This means keeping the bottom of the foundation level, so the finished house will be level as well. The excavation crew will use laser levels and other equipment to ensure the grade is maintained throughout the excavation process. We also excavate for a variety of projects including pools which require a very tight grading tolerace.Getting the right dimensions: Accurately measuring the dimensions of the foundation is essential to ensure that the house is built to the correct specifications. This includes measuring the length, width, and depth of the foundation and checking that the corners are square.
Backfill: After the excavator digs the foundation and the inspector does his inspecteion, it's time to backfill around the foundation walls. The operator then places and compacts soil and other materials around the foundation to support it and prevent water from seeping in. It's important to backfill carefully and gradually to avoid damaging the foundation walls and ensure future settling issues.
Summary: Overall, basement excavation or excavating for a new house is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. By following these steps, you can help ensure that your new-build excavation project is a success.
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