How We Clear Land

If you're getting ready for a project in Santaquin, UT, you'll need to arrange for land clearing services. Typically to build or landscape any type of land it will need to be clean of any vegetation or debris. Most land, by nature, has anything from existing buildings to weeds or landscaping covering the surface and buried beneath. This should be removed before any building process occurs. Typically, when building on a piece of property, the soils of the property are very important. If the soil is full of organic matter, it is considered a weak soil. Soil with a high organic matter
content tends to move and settle over time as that organic matter decomposes. This organic matter found on the surface of most land should be stripped and cleared to not mix with any of the other soils on the project. This is simply done by scraping the top 2 to 12 inches of soil from the property. The thickness of the stripping will vary based on the amount of topsoil on the land. This thickness will vary depending on where it is located and the geology and history of that area. Most of this topsoil can be stockpiled on site and used for landscaping later in the project. If the property is covered in undesirable plants such as weeds, the top layer of soil can be hauled off. If you're ready to arrange for land clearing services, give Holyoak X a call!

Other Land Clearing Tecniques

Other land clearing can include the removal of existing landscaping. Most existing landscaping is generally salvageable if desired. Sod can be cut and hauled to another location. Small trees can be removed and relocated. And any living shrubs and plants can be moved just as easy. This process can be costly for an owner but is usually cheaper than buying new plants from a nursery.

Lastly some land clearing involves the demolition of existing buildings. Most demolition is done quickly. The most expensive part of demolition is the export of the waste and the cost to dump the waste in a landfill. Most landfills will charge around $40/ton to simply dump the garbage on their site. Demolition contractors try to repurpose and recycle as much as they can to save some money on the demolition such as the copper and some aged wood products. Anything that has any resell value. Here is another article explaining a few more ways to clear land.

Special Considerations

All organic matter should be removed before digging to not contaminate soil beneath the organic layer. Haul off and import of materials is expensive and should be avoided whenever possible to save money and stay within budget. Access to a property with equipment and trucks should be planned and impact to roadways and traffic should be expected and planned ahead of the clearing. Once you have cleared your land consider us for your project excavator!

Freshly Cleared Land

Land Cleared in Millcreek, UT