The Project

We met with an owner needing a workshop in Santaquin, UT. This project required some careful consideration to make sure the shop would stand for years to come. We specialize in excavation projects including this shop prep.

Land Clearing for the Shop

The owner needed the existing grass, tree stumps, and fence posts removed from their property. To start, we began by removing all of the organic debris. We loaded this into a dump truck and hauled it to the landfill. Then we removed the stumps from old trees that were within the foundation of the future shop. We hauled off the stumps to the same place. After we hauled off the stumps, we compacted the holes and backfilled them back up to grade. After we removed all the grass, stumps, and fence posts and other organic materials on site and hauled them to the local landfill, we coud begin our grading services.

Grading Under the Concrete

For our grading services to be a success, we needed to level out the subgrade to prepare for the gravel installation. This was done by digging out the high spots and filling in the low spots. We compacted all of the low spots in lifts with water mixed into the soil. This brought the low spots up to grade without compromising the subgrade of the concrete. After the leveling was complete we brought in gravel and filled it up to the desired benchmark. The gravel provides for a great subbase for exterior concrete. Gravel allows a drainage layer beneath the concrete to remove potential water from building up and freezing beneath the concrete. It is also a 100% compacted material not requiring compaction equipment.

After we finished the gravel we also installed a road base driveway in front of the future shop and graded it so the water drained away from the building to the storm drainage system. Overall the project was a huge success!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Holyoak X.